Consultation Draft Regional Waste Management Plans

Consultation Draft Regional Waste Management Plans

A new Regional Waste Management Plan is currently being prepared for the Connacht Ulster Region, which includes Cavan.

Published on: 28 Nov 2014

A Draft Plan (click here) for the Region was launched on Tuesday 18th November for public consultation. The Connacht Ulster Regional Waste Authority invites comments from interested parties on the Draft Regional Waste Management Plan.  

  • All comments under the public consultation must be received, by the Connaught Ulster Region Waste Management Office, by, at the latest, 4pm on Friday 30th January 2015.


Draft Plan - Connacht Ulster Region (external link)

Submissions by post to:

Regional Waste Coordinator
Connacht Ulster Region Waste Management Office
Mayo County Council
Aras An Chontae
Co. Mayo

Or by email to:

Managing waste  in  a ‘sustainable and self-sufficient  manner’ will  be one of  the  key challenges for the Connacht  Ulster  Region (CUR), and one  in  which  every  citizen  has  a role  to  play. There is a consensus that we should minimise our impact on the environment by working collectively to minimise the amount of waste we generate, and manage the waste we do generate in the best manner possible.

The Region has made significant progress in waste management and waste prevention during the lifetime of previous plans but challenges remain.  The plan provides a framework within which all stakeholders can make a contribution to the successful implementation of the policies it contains.

As part of the preparation of the waste plan a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) has been undertaken.  The purpose of SEA is to ensure that the environmental consequences of the waste plans are assessed both during their preparation and prior to their adoption.

Public consultation is a fundamental part of the waste planning process and the lead authority on behalf of the region has engaged with stakeholders and interested parties from the start of the process. Submissions and comments received to date have been considered in the preparation of the Draft Regional Waste Management Plan.