Closed Land Spreading Period

Closed Land Spreading Period

The EU (Good Agricultural Practice for the Protection of Waters) Regulations 2014 (Nitrates Regulations) prohibits the application of fertilisers to land in County Cavan between the following dates:

Published on: 18 Sep 2017

15 September to 31 January for application of chemical fertiliser

15 October to 31 January for organic fertiliser (other than farmyard manure).  Examples of organic fertiliser include slurry, spent mushroom compost and silage effluent.

1 November to 31 January for farmyard manure.

Minimum distances from lakes, watercourses and wells, must be maintained prior to the closed period. The setback distance from surface waters for spreading organic fertilisers such as slurry, is 10 metres for the two weeks preceding and two weeks following the prohibited period.

It is important to protect water quality in County Cavan as many of our public and group water scheme drinking water supply sources come from these rivers and lakes.  Furthermore, many houses in County Cavan are served by private wells, which are supplied from groundwater.

Protecting public health and the environment is critically important and it is for this reason these Regulations are actively enforced by staff from the Environment Section across County Cavan.

For further information on the Nitrates Regulations or any other queries regarding land-spreading or protecting and improving water quality, please contact the Environment Section of Cavan County Council on 049 437 8486 or email