Connected Cavan – A Digital Strategy for County Cavan

Connected Cavan – A Digital Strategy for County Cavan

Cavan County Council and Local Enterprise Office, Cavan are currently consulting with businesses, partner agencies, community groups and directly with citizens to inform the key elements and actions of Connected Cavan, the Digital Strategy for Cavan

Published on: 11 Jul 2019

Why develop a Digital Strategy for Cavan?

Connected Cavan is the title given to the emerging digital strategy that will help transform the way we do business, interact and communicate and become more productive and creative through the use of digital.

In essence Doing More With Digital encapsulates the ethos and rationale behind Connected Cavan. There is also a requirement from Government for all local authorities to develop and implement a local digital strategy to ensure that all citizens, businesses, community stakeholders and partner agencies are engaged and afforded the opportunity to influence how the local digital landscape and strategy shapes up to meeting their needs into the future. The key themes contained in all local digital strategies will include objectives and actions around:  


  1. Digital Economy (e-commerce, e-skills, ICT systems, innovation facilities & services)
  2. Digital Infrastructure (broadband, telecoms, connected facilities)
  3. Digital Skills (In business, the public sector, community)
  4. Digital Society (Smart Communities / Citizens)
  5. Digital Services (digitisation of public services)


The Strategy will set out an overall vision for the County outlining a number of core objectives, priorities and actions over the short, medium and long term. 


Importance of digital strategy 

Digital is becoming a critical enabler of competitiveness, productivity, inclusiveness and sustainability for all organisations and regions. Like many regions, Cavan has a number of dynamics and challenges, including a mix of urban and rural population, patchy broadband provision, skills deficits and an enterprise base dominated by traditional and mature industry sectors.

The importance of access to high speed broadband services in both urban and rural locations has been well documented in recent years. Cavan County Council is committed to facilitating the rollout of the NBP and recognises the vital role broadband will play in economic and social development. In line with the NBP deliverables, Cavan County Council is developing this digital strategy to maximise the opportunities of digital transformation for the benefit of our society and economy, ensuring that Cavan is among the best places to live, work, invest or visit.

As digital infrastructure continues to grow, it empowers communities and citizens through the provision of online information, resources, and services offered by local authorities and state agencies and the charitable/non-for-profit sector. It is crucial that Cavan plays its part by encouraging and facilitating citizens to do more with digital. The strategy will create awareness and connections to training and supports for businesses and citizens to reduce the skills gap and encourage more young people into digital careers. 

We want your ideas, views and inputs

Cavan County Council and Cavan LEO are currently consulting with businesses, partner agencies, community groups and directly with citizens to inform the key elements and actions of Connected Cavan. Please help us in this research and consultation by providing us with a submission addressing any or all of the five key themes above. Alternatively, simply email to volunteer for participation in any of the consultation workshops and focus groups or even to participate in our surveys.

Please send all responses and submissions to