Adopt a road scheme

The scheme is aimed at reducing the amount of litter that resides on road verges and residential areas with County Cavan.

The programme gives businesses and groups the opportunity to assist in reducing the amount of litter, who in return gain free advertising. Highlighting the efforts of the business or group in trying to reduce the amount of litter and it's associated problems within the area.

How does the scheme work?

Below is a basic step by step guide showing how the scheme operates:

Step 1

  • A designated stretch of road is allocated to a business or community group who wishes to adopt it.

Step 2

  • A permanent sign at one or both ends of this stretch of carriageway is erected, advertising that that particular business or group has adopted a length of the road.

Step 3

  • The company or group then agrees with the council a litter maintenance programme. This would involve arranging for a number of staff and or people to collect litter from the road verges along the designated stretch of road at an agreed number of times per year. For example 4 times per year, every 3 months.

Step 4

  • The agreed advertising sign would then be erected along the adopted section of road.

Step 5

  • Reflective jackets and tools would be provided, allowing you to safely carry out the litter picking exercise.

Step 6

  • Once the litter picking exercise has been carried out, we will arrange for the bags of collected litter to be collected.

The scheme benefits all of the parties involved and because of this, the scheme is extremely successful.

How do I apply?

If you wish to apply to the scheme, please get in touch using the details below: