Fire Brigade Charges

Fire Brigade Charges are payable for the attendance of the Fire Brigade at all types of fires including domestic, commercial and industrial premises, and for other special services i.e. attendance at road traffic accidents, flooding, hazardous materials incidents, trees down, oil spills etc.

Fire Brigade Charges are dealt with by the Fire Section and Invoices issued are payable to the Cashier in the main courthouse building.

Fire brigade charges

Fire brigade charges applicable from 1 January 2012 (No charge where there is a fatality).

  • Fire-fighters' fees plus 25% for:
    • Domestic fires.
    • Industrial fires.
    • Other fires
    • Road traffic accidents
    • Special services
  • Chimney Fires charged at €200
  • Fallen Trees charged at €200

Waiver Application Forms

  • Waiver Application Forms available on request.
  • Waiver does not apply to Fallen Trees or Chimney Fires.

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