Fire Safety Certificate Application

Part III of the Building Control Regulations 1997 to 2009 sets out the requirements relating to the need to obtain a fire safety certificate.

When do I need a Fire Safety Certificate?

A Fire Safety Certificate is required in relation to the following works:

  • Works in connection with the design and construction of a new building
  • Works in connection with the material alteration of:
    • A day centre
    • A building containing a flat
    • A hotel, hostel or guest building
    • An institutional building
    • A place of assembly
    • A shopping centre
  • Works in connection with the material alteration of a shop, office or industrial building where additional floor area is being provided within the existing building or where the building is being sub divided into a number of units for separate occupancy.
  • Works in connection with the extension of a building by more than 25 square metres
  • A building as regards which a material change of use takes place.

Certain Exemptions apply.

Who makes the application?

Usually a Fire Safety Certificate application is made by a Fire Safety Consultant, Architect or Engineer who is familiar with the Building Regulations and the procedure for applying for a Fire Safety Certificate.

To apply for a Fire Safety Certificate, please carry out the following steps.

Step 1

Step 2

The amount of fee payable is indicated in Part A and the maximum and minimum fees are in accordance with Part B of the Fifth Schedule Fees. Certain exemptions apply.

Step 3

Send your completed application along with the appropriate fee to the following address. Ensure that all required documentation is provided with your application.

Cavan County Council
Fire Cert Applications
FAO Siobhan Mulligan
Planning Office
Farnham Centre
Farnham Street

If you have any questions or queries that relate to the Fire Safety Certificate, please contact us using the details below.