Housing grant guidelines


  • Works must not commence prior to receiving a written Certificate of Approval from Cavan County Council.  
  • All applications are subject to the conditions of the scheme, levels of medical priority and the availability of funding.
  • Application forms must be completed in full.  
  • Please pay particular attention to the checklist at the back of each application form to ensure that all necessary documentation is submitted with the application form.
  • Applicants must be compliant with the Local Property Tax.
  • All occupants residing in the house must be listed on the application form and income details must be submitted for all household members and the Registered Property Owner.
  • Contractors must be Tax compliant.
  • It is recommended by Cavan County Council, with the consent of the applicant, to include smoke alarms/heat detectors (hard wired and interlinked) and carbon monoxide alarms (battery operated) in any proposed suite of grant works, if not already present and operating in the house.  
  • Any false or misleading information given for the purpose of obtaining a grant will render your application invalid.