Strategic Policy Committees

The Strategic Policy Committees membership includes elected councillors, representatives of business, farming interests, environmental/conservation groups, trade unions and community and voluntary members who monitor, review and improve upon strategic policies in the following areas:

Economic Development

  • Councillor (Cllr) John Paul Feeley, Chair
  • Cllr Carmel Brady
  • Cllr Eugene Greenan
  • Cllr Peter McVitty
  • Cllr Sarah O'Reilly
  • Chris Kirk, Public Participation Network (PPN)
  • Thomas Rogers, Agriculture
  • Garry Allison
  • Nikki McGoohan

Housing, Social and Cultural

  • Cllr Patrick O'Reilly, Chair
  • Cllr Madeleine Argue
  • Cllr Noel Connell
  • Cllr Clifford Kelly
  • Cllr Shane P O'Reilly
  • Thomas Maughan, PPN
  • Madeleine Ui Mhealoid,PPN
  • Larry McCluskey, PPN

Environment and Planning

  • Cllr Damian Brady, Chair
  • Cllr Winston Bennett
  • Cllr Fergal Curtin
  • Cllr Val Smith
  • Cllr Madeleine Argue
  • Fintan McCabe, Environmental
  • Bernard Engle, PPN
  • Thomas Cooney, Agriculture
  • Andrew O'Gorman

Transporatation and Infrastructure

  • Cllr Val Smith, Chair
  • Cllr Clifford Kelly
  • Cllr Paddy McDonald
  • Cllr Paddy Smith
  • Cllr Sean Smith
  • Cllr Philip Brady
  • Patricia O'Reilly, PPN
  • Philip Smith, Agriculture
  • Gary Meehan
  • Pauline Flood

If you would like to know more about the Strategic Policy Committees, then please get in touch using the following details: