Waste Management

Learn about waste management

Local Agenda 21 Environmental Partnership Fund

This Fund promotes sustainable development by assisting small scale, non-profit environmental projects at local level.

Farm Plastic Collections

Details of farm plastic collections in County Cavan

Pay By Weight

Pay By Weight: From 1st July 2016 the price you pay for your bin collection will be determined by the weight of your bin. Read more about Pay By Weight here.......

Household Food Waste

For information on the Household Food Regulations, Brown Bins and your obligations as a householder please visit this page

Consultation Draft Regional Waste Management Plans

A new Regional Waste Management Plan is currently being prepared for the Connacht Ulster Region, which includes Cavan. 

Business waste

Your obligations as a business and what you can do to manage your business waste efficiently.


Advice and guidance on your obligations if you are a business which deals in the supply and manufacture of packaging material, packaging or packaged products.

Waste permits

Learn about waste permits

Green Business Tips

Steps you can take towards cost savings in water, waste and energy waste.

Dog fouling

Dog fouling and its health implications.


Learn more about the range of recycling services that are available in County Cavan.

Recycling centres

Take a look at recycling centres, also known as Civic Amenity sites operating in County Cavan.

Litter management plan

Information about the litter management plan which currently operates in County Cavan.

Adopt a road scheme

Take a look at how the adopt a road scheme is reducing the amount of litter in County Cavan and what you can do to get involved.

Waste Contractors

Companies that collect waste in County Cavan.