Waste reduction

When you unpack your shopping, do you look at the products you have just purchased and wonder how much packaging comes with the products you have bought? The easiest way to reduce the amount of waste packaging we generate is not to buy it in the first place.

In what way can I reduce the amount of waste used for packaging?

The following tips will help you drastically reduce the amount of packaging waste that you will have to dispose of if you bring it home.

Choose products that have the least packaging.

Packaging is used to keep the products we buy safe and fresh, but it is also used to advertise the product you are purchasing. Buy loose fruit and vegetables instead of pre-packed ones. Buy your meat from the meat counter rather than buying pre-packed produce.

Buy refills.

When buying detergents and softeners, buy refills or concentrates. You will have a lot less packaging to dispose of.

Avoid buying disposable items.

Many of the products that we buy today come in a disposable form. When possible, buy a durable alternative such as rechargeable batteries. Try and avoid buying single use items such as plastic cutlery, paper plates etc.

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Buy products that are packaged in a material that can be easily recycled locally.

That means most things. Glass, plastic bottles and aluminium cans can all be recycled at your local bring centre. Steel cans, cardboard and newspapers and magazines can be recycled at the Council’s recycling centres along with other waste packaging such as Tetra-Pak cartons.

For more information about the recycling centres and where they are located, please feel free to take a look at the links on the bottom of this page: