About the Electoral Register

Cavan County Council is responsible for the compilation of the Draft and Live Register of Electors and are also for the compilation of the supplement to the Register.

The Register is published every year on 1 February and comes into effect on 15 February of that year.

How do elections work?

You can find out how elections work and how various elected representatives within government are elected by visiting the following website:

What can I vote for?

The Electoral Register is comprised of the following categories of electors:

  • Presidential
  • Dáil Citizenship Category
  • European
  • Local Government electors.

A person's citizenship will determine their category and the type of election at which they may vote as shown below:

Citizenship Category of Elector Type of election at which eligible to vote
Irish Citizens Presidential All Elections and Referendi
British Citizens Dáil Dáil, European and Local Elections
Other EU Citizen European European and Local Elections
Non-EU Citizens Local Government Local Government Elections only