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Irish Water

Irish Water is responsible for managing the delivery of water services to homes and businesses in Ireland.

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Water Management Services

Maintenance and management of the operation of water treatment plants.

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Group Water Schemes

Information on group water scheme subsidies.

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Well Grants

A well grant is a grant for households in rural areas that are dependent on a private water supply (private well).

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Lead Remediation

A revised grant scheme designed to reduce people’s exposure to lead in drinking water.

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Metered Water Charges

Information on current water meter charges.

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Non-Metered Water Charges

The current rates for non-metered water charges.

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Drinking Water Quality

Find out about the drinking water quality in your area.

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Water and Wastewater Bye Laws

Water and Wastewater Bye-Laws relating to the management, protection, conservation of drinking water and charges for water and wastewater.

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Water and Sewerage Connections

Irish Water is responsible for water and wastewater connections to homes and businesses throughout the country.

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All Water Services Forms & Documents

All application forms and information documentsreleased by the Water Services section.