Information Technology

Information Technology

The Information Technology Department at Cavan County Council has responsibility for the maintenance, procurement and implementation of all Computer and Information Technology systems. Staff in the IT department work in a broad range of technological areas and service provision.

The Information Technology Department provides the following functions:

  • Implement and support a secure and stable communications and network infrastructure for the organisation.
  • Provides technical support and advice to the Council staff, Elected Members, public users and related organisations on our ICT systems.
  • Manages and supports Enterprise Systems alongside more specialised Line of Business applications for the different service areas and departments.
  • Develops and maintains the County Council’s websites and online services.
  • Provision of GIS software including support and development.
  • Co-operates in the implementation of national and regional shared information technology projects.
  • Researches and advises on projects with an information systems element.
  • In consultation with management and staff creates and implements appropriate IT Policies procedures.
  • Governance and security implementation to ensure the safety and conformance of data stored by the Council.
  • Support the delivery of the National Broadband plan.

Information Technology has become a vital feature of the organisation as the delivery of service in all other departments rely heavily on IT infrastructure and systems. 

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