Paying Your Rent

How do I pay my rent?

You can pay using the following payment methods:

How is my rent calculated?

Rent is calculated in accordance with Cavan County Council's Differential Rent Scheme (PDF, 254KB)

1) The weekly rent will be determined in accordance with the following income scales and percentages:

Assessable Weekly Income of Principal Earner

Rent %

Up to and including €260  - 12.5%

Over €260  -16%

An allowance of €7.00 per week should be deducted in respect of each child of sixteen years or under, or who being twenty-one years or under is attending a full-time course of education and is wholly or mainly maintained by principal earner. Note documentary evidence must be submitted from the educational institution. 

An allowance of €20 should be deducted in respect of a person over 66 in receipt of a State Pension either Contributory or Non-Contributory. Where there is more than one pensioner in the dwelling the allowance should be applied to each pension. 

2) After the rent payable in respect of the principal earner has been determined, 14.29% of income of each subsidiary earner which exceeds €25.00 per week should be added, subject to a maximum contribution of €20.00 by each subsidiary earner.

3) The weekly rent will be the sum of 1) and 2) as set out above.

My family income circumstances have changed, what will happen to my rent?

You must complete the a Review Review Form and submit this with your relevant documentation immediately, so your rent can be adjusted e.g. copy of payslip or social welfare payment.

Download Cavan County Council rent review form (Word doc, 36KB)

I am having trouble paying my rent, what can I do?

You must contact the Rents section immediately, and you can make an arrangement to pay off any arrears on a weekly basis over a reasonable period.

You could also contact Money Advise Budgeting Service (MABS) for free advice on managing your budget.  Cavan MABS, 1st Floor Elm House, Kinnypottle, Cavan H12 A8H7. Email: Phone: 0818 072410. The National Helpline number is 0761 07 2000, open Monday to Friday from 9am to 8pm.

If you are in rent arrears and refuse to come to a reasonable agreement, or if you do not keep to the agreed plan, the Council will serve a Tenancy Warning, and may proceed to take you to Court, seeking to evict you and take the house back for re-allocation to someone on our waiting list.

For help or advice on any of these matters, please contact:                                                                                                                                                                     

Telephone: 049 4378300. Email: