All providers of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) for public use are invited to complete the form located below so that the National Ambulance Service is aware of what parts of the county are covered - and not covered - by AEDs. We would also like to know the condition of each unit, and any support you need to ensure that your community is as well prepared for a cardiac arrest emergency as possible.

It is vital that the National Ambulance Service is aware of the location of your AED. If they don't know that it's there, they won't know that they can send a caller to go get it in case it's needed before the ambulance can arrive to give assistance.

At present, the majority of AEDs in County Cavan are NOT registered with the National Ambulance Service. Doing so could help save lives.

Note: If your group or community has multiple AEDs, please complete one form for each AED.


Please note, Cavan County Council is not responsible for the maintenance or condition of AEDs registered via this form, nor for the accuracy of any details submitted herein. It is the responsibility of the group or organisation making a submission to ensure that the information submitted is correct. Any change to the location or status of any defibrillators registered via this form should be notified to

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