Local Economic and Community Plan

In July 2014, a new Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) for County Cavan was set up which must prepare a six-year Local Economic and Community Plan in cooperation with the County Council. These plans are to facilitate the emerging role of local government in local development. The plan will consist of two elements:

  • A local economic element
  • A community element

The plan will identify areas of priority and indicate the most appropriate programmes or other resources to be linked with each priority. The focus of the plan should be on social and economic issues that have relevance and can be addressed at local and community level and which address the specific needs of communities. 

There will be widespread public consultation on the Plan and work is currently underway. 

The Guiding Principles of the Local Economic & Community Plan

The Local Economic & Community Plan should be underpinned by a number of guiding principles which reflect how the European Commission wishes to see Europe grow and develop by 2020. These are:

Promotion and main-streaming of equality

Combating poverty


Promoting a more resource efficient, green and more inclusive economy

Maximising returns

Avoiding unnecessary overlap and duplication and by achieving synergies through co-operation

Participative planning

Meaningful community participation and consultation into the planning process.

Community consultation and engagement

Participation, empowerment and collective decision making to achieve change at local level

Community development principles

Equality, participation, empowerment, collective decision making

Accessibility and ownership

The plan should be written in a style that is open, straightforward and as accessible as possible

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