Transfer Application

Transfer Application

Tenants of the Council, including tenants of dwellings provided under the Social Housing Leasing Initiative, RAS, or by AHBs may apply for consideration for a transfer to other social housing dwellings, i.e. Council house/ Approved Housing Body/ Leased property.


What are the grounds for requesting a transfer?

  1. overcrowding;
  2. where older persons and other households wish to move to smaller accommodation (downsizing);
  3. medical/compassionate reasons;
  4. on grounds of anti-social behaviour where the Council’s Estate Management Liaison Officer or An Garda Siochána support the transfer application;
  5. other exceptional circumstances.
  6. to facilitate incremental purchase, where the authority has consented to such a purchase.
  7. by tenants to and from other housing authorities, on conditions mutually agreed between the authorities.

Are all transfer requests granted?

Only Tenancies that meet the following criteria to the satisfaction of the housing authority will be considered eligible for a transfer. 

  1. hold the tenancy in their present dwelling, for a period of at least two years, unless it is a temporary tenancy;
  2. have a clear rent account – any transfer will take account of rent arrears but allowances may be made where an agreement is in place, and being adhered to by the tenant to address any such arrears over an agreed period of time;
  3. have kept their dwelling in satisfactory condition, subject to inspection;
  4. have complied with the conditions of their Tenancy Agreement and
  5. have no record of anti-social behaviour.

Download Tenancy Transfer Application Form (Word doc, 56KB)

For further details contact the Tenancy Management Team by phone on 049 4378300 or email:

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