Cavan Sports Partnership

Cavan Sports Partnership


The Cavan Sports Partnership was established in 2008 with a vision of promoting and supporting sport at a local level in County Cavan. The key aim of Cavan Sports Partnership is to increase participation in sport and physical recreation and ensure that local resources are used to best effect. This means that the Cavan Sports Partnership promotes and supports:

  • Enhanced planning of sport at local level.
  • Increased levels of local sports participation, especially among older people, girls and women, people with disabilities, unemployed people and those who live in disadvantaged communities.
  • Enhanced local coach deployment.
  • Club development.
  • Volunteer training.
  • Local directories of sports bodies and facilities.
  • Better use of existing sports facilities.
  • Clear priorities for local sports facility provision and improvement.
  • Local sports events

To discover more about the Cavan Sports Partnership and how to get involved, visit the Cavan Sports Partnership website

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