Anti-Poverty Strategy

Anti poverty strategy

A LAPSIS is a Local Anti Poverty Social Inclusion Strategy. It is a plan to tackle poverty and social exclusion at county level. It is put together by a range of public, community and voluntary groups working locally to address poverty and disadvantage. In Cavan, the development of the LAPSIS was led by the County Development Board.

Having an overall Anti Poverty/Social Inclusion Strategy for the county means that people and groups can work together more effectively to tackle problems caused by poverty. It will mean that quality of life will be improved and there will be better local services for people living in Cavan.

The strategy was developed in 2010 through a research and consultation process. This process drew on 10 discussion groups, 27 individual interviews, a survey and a written submission process. The types of groups that we consulted included youth groups, social services groups, Family Resource Centres, voluntary services, minorities, and public sector agencies.

Other research has been completed that has helped to inform the LAPSIS.

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