Ethics and Declaration of Interests

Ethics and Declaration of Interests

Ethics and Declarations of Interests

Part 15 of the Local Government Act 2001 [as amended] requires all Members to submit to the Ethics Registrar an annual written declaration of "declarable interests".

Implementation of the ethics framework

The new ethics framework for members and for relevant employees was implemented with effect from 1 January 2003. This required a number of actions to be taken by local authorities, such as putting procedures in place to deal with:

  • the systems of annual declaration by elected members and relevant employees;
  • the disclosure requirements of the Act for elected members and relevant employees about matters that may arise on occasion and in which they have a beneficial interest.

Relevant Employees

The employees to whom Part 15 will apply are known as “relevant employees”. They are:

  • every employee holding a post with a maximum salary of at least the maximum salary for the time being of a senior executive engineer;
  • every other employee who is assigned to perform functions under the Planning and Development Act 2000 and holds a post with a maximum salary of at least the maximum salary for the time being of a Senior Staff Officer (Grade 6), or for which the qualifications are wholly or in part professional or technical;
  • any other employee or other person who is the holder of a position designated by order of the Manager under S167.

Ethics Register

A public register of declarable interests is kept by the Local Authority and is available to view at the offices of Cavan County Council, Farnham, Street Cavan.

Download the Code of Conduct for Councillors(PDF, 597.4 KB)

Download the code of conduct for employees(PDF,124.4 KB)

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