Local Elections

Cavan County Council has 18 members. Co. Cavan is divided into three Local Electoral Areas (LEAs) for the purposes of local elections. An election is held in respect of each LEA for the number of council members assigned to that area.

Details of the local electoral areas are set out below:

AreaNumber of Seats

The Council has adopted a polling scheme, which divides the county/LEAs into convenient geographical units (called polling districts) and appoints a polling place for each district.

Eligibility to Vote

Cavan Co. Council Corporate Services Department is responsible for the annual preparation and publication of the Cavan County Council Register of Electors. In order to vote at an election or referendum, a person's name must be listed on the Register of Electors for the locality in which the elector is ordinarily resident. Every resident aged 18 and upwards is entitled to be on the Register. The register comes into force on 15th February and is used at each election and referendum held in the succeeding 12 months. Details on how to check the register or apply for inclusion are listed at: Register of Electors

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