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Who We Are

Who We Are.

Cavan County Council is responsible for the delivery of wide range of services including the provision of infrastructure services that are necessary to the physical, economic, social and cultural life of the County. Since the introduction of the Local Government Reform Act 2014, Local Authorities are also the primary driver of social, economic, and community development at a local level.

This involves the development of industry, business, and social, arts and cultural affairs in the county.

The Council performs both a representational and operational role, in accordance with the Irish system of Local Government, which encompasses both democratic representation and public administration.

Cavan County Council's eighteen elected members are responsible for carrying out all Reserved Functions and the Chief Executive is responsible for all Executive Functions.

Reserved functions

Elected representatives of Cavan County Council are responsible for Reserved Functions, which lay down the framework of policy under which the Chief Executive operates.

The Council makes its decisions by 'Resolution' at its meetings.

These functions relate to matters of our policies and include:

  • Adoption of the Annual Budget.
  • Passing, amending and revoking bye-laws.
  • Approval for the borrowing of money.
  • Drafting, revising and adoption of development plans.

Please take a look at the following areas if you would like to know more about Cavan County Council and the services that we provide:

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