Motor Tax Refunds

You can apply for a refund of your motor tax under the following circumstances:

  • Stolen: Your vehicle was stolen and has not been returned to you.
  • Scrapped/Destroyed: Your vehicle was scrapped completely and destroyed and is incapable of being used on the roads
  • Exported: The vehicle was sent permanently out of State
  • Not used: Your vehicle as not been in a public place at any time since the issue of the tax disc.
  • Not in use: The owner has ceased to use the vehicle because of illness, injury or other physical disability.
  • Owner absent from the State: The owner of the vehicle has ceased to use it because of absence from the State for business/ education purposed or overseas service with the Defence Forces.

How is the refund calculated?

A minimum of 3 calendar months must be remaining on your tax disc when it is surrendered.

Your tax refund will then be calculated using the number of months which have unexpired on your tax disk when it was surrendered.

However, if your vehicle has been scrapped, destroyed or stolen, then your refund will be calculated using the number of months which have unexpired at the date of issue of the Certificate of Destruction.

How do I make an application?

If you want to make an application for a refund of your road tax, please go through the following steps.

  • Print the RF120 Application for a refund of motor tax (PDF)
  • Ensure that you have the following documents:
    • Your tax disc.
    • Vehicle registration documents.
    • Any other documents that will be required to support your claim.
  • Send your completed application form along with your supporting documentation to the following address:

Motor Tax Office
Farnham Street,

H12 H6K1.

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