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Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations

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Energy Performance of Building Regulations

The energy performance of building regulations aims to promote the improvement of the energy performance of buildings as part of an overall strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change. The regulations require all new buildings to have a Building Energy Rating or BER.

 What is a BER

A Building Energy Rating (BER) is an indication of the energy performance of a building. All properties for sale or rent must now be provided with an energy-rating certificate. The certificate will contain the energy performance of the dwelling, rating it between A1 (most efficient) and G (least efficient). Before a building is occupied for the first time, or advertised for sale/let, the owner (or Agent) must obtain a BER certificate and advisory report. You can find a list of registered BER assessors on the SEAI website. A BER certificate must be provided to prospective buyers or tenants when a property is offered for sale or rent.


Advertising Requirements

BER details must also be included in all advertisements when a property is offered for sale or rent. The Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations 2012 along with the Display of Building Energy Ratings in Advertising require that an agent or individual who is offering a property for sale or rent shall ensure that;

  • The energy performance indicator of the current BER certificate for the building is stated in any advertisements.
  • The BER rating along with other prescribed content will be visible to prospective buyers and renters in all advertisements.
  • Where images of the property are used then the prescribed BER Alphanumeric Rating Motif will be displayed, see the SEAI website for details.
  • Where buildings are exempt from the requirement to have a BER then the words BER Exempt should be displayed.


Guidance for property owners is available on the SEAI Website (BER Information).

Guidance for property advertisers is available on the SEAI Website (BER Advertising)


The Building Control Authority have powers of enforcement under the EU (Energy Performance of Building) Regulations 2012. The SEAI are responsible for the day-to-day administration of the BER system and also have powers of enforcement under the regulations in respect of their functions.


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