Cavan County Council provides a range of grants to community groups to assist with actions and projects being undertaken in their local area. These grants are intended to sustain community activity, active citizenship, and promote community enhancement and environmental initiatives.

You will find details of any schemes that arise throughout the year, that are processed by the Community Development section of Cavan County Council on tabs to the left / below.

Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme 2023

The Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme (ORIS) will support opportunities for recreational amenities located near rivers, lakes and beaches and also seeks to support recreational infrastructure that provides an inclusive approach for communities.   

Municipal District Discretionary Grants

The scheme has been created by the members of Cavan County Council for the purpose of supporting community groups in delivering and promoting projects in their areas.

Cavan Calling Grant Scheme 2023

Funding is available for local communities to organise events in their local areas to coincide with the ‘Cavan Calling’ homecoming celebration.

Community Recognition Fund 2023

The Community Recognition Fund is designed to specifically support communities across the country that have welcomed and are hosting families and citizens from Ukraine and other countries.


A targeted investment programme for rural areas that aims to provide funding for small infrastructural projects in areas that experience disadvantage.

Community & Voluntary Grants

A scheme of small grants open to community groups to implement projects that will result in greater social and community activity in their area.

Festival and Events Grant Scheme

The Festival and Events Grants Scheme is intended to provide financial assistance to groups and organisations engaged in festivals or events at a local level.

Social Enterprise Grants

Funding under the Social Enterprise Capital Grants Scheme under the National Social Enterprise Policy for Ireland under the Dormant Accounts Fund.


LEADER promotes sustainable development in Europe’s rural areas addressing economic, social and environmental concerns.