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Kingscourt Town Permeability Link to Navan-Kingscourt Greenway

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About the Scheme

Cavan County Council, in conjunction the National Transport Authority (NTA), is currently working on the Kingscourt Town Permeability Link to Navan and Kingscourt Greenway. The scheme is currently at NTA Phase 2 – Concept Development and Options Selection.

The key scheme objective is to provide a permeability link which will allow pedestrians and cyclists to safely travel between the Navan to Kingscourt Greenway, which is currently under construction, and Kingscourt Town. The scheme also seeks to contribute to the achievement of climate action targets by catering for increased travel by walking and cycling by residents of, and visitors to, Kingscourt.

The scheme would aim to provide improved and safer pedestrian and cyclist facilities in Kingscourt Town, in particular between Kingscourt Town and the Greenway to encourage visitors to travel to the town from the Greenway.

The image below shows the scheme’s study area, within which a number of potential pedestrian and cyclist route options are currently being identified.

Download Scheme Study Area (PDF, 830KB)

Submit Feedback

Contact the Active Travel Unit by email on

Complete the survey

Cavan County Council wishes to engage with the wider community to understand where you think this greenway should be routed and to capture any issues/opportunities that should be considered. To assist in this process, a survey has been developed.

Responses from this initial consultation will be translated to develop a number of route options. The options will be presented for further consultation once developed.

This is your opportunity to be involved in shaping this Link between Kingscourt Town and the Navan-Kingscourt Greenway. Please answer the questions in the survey below and add your comments or, if preferred, you can make a submission to

The questionnaire should be completed by Friday 24th November 2023. Any further queries that you may have after this date can be emailed to