Social Inclusion Handbook

Social Inclusion Handbook

Combating social exclusion and poverty is at the heart of the activities of local government.

Cavan County Council has named equality as one of the six cores values which underpin its Corporate Plan and is committed to improving equality of opportunity for everyone and to promoting a culture of wellbeing, inclusion and respect for all.

The purpose of Social Inclusion Handbook is to help Cavan County Council staff and elected members to understand the context of poverty and disadvantage in the county. It is hoped that it will assist staff in all sections and at all levels to recognise that their role within the Council has an impact on people across the county who live with exclusion on a daily basis.

This handbook gives some definitions of poverty and exclusion. It looks at the work of Local Authorities in addressing disadvantage, giving examples of socially inclusive activities that Cavan County Council has undertaken to date.

The last section of the booklet serves as a ‘toolkit’ , focusing on what staff can do in their everyday work to ensure that the services of Cavan County Council are delivered in a socially inclusive way.

If you have any further questions or queries regarding the Social Inclusion Handbook, please get in touch using the following details.

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