N3 Dublin Road Schemes

N3 Dublin Road Schemes

Cavan County Council is working in association with Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) to upgrade the N3 on the outskirts of Cavan Town, between the Cavan Crystal Hotel and the Kilmore Roundabout.

This project consists of two separately-funded schemes namely the N3 Dublin Rd Roundabout and the N3 Cavan Crystal to Kilmore Roundabout Safety Improvement Scheme. 

The N3 Dublin Road Roundabout & N3 Cavan Crystal to Kilmore Roundabout Safety Scheme are located on the outskirts of Cavan Town.

The N3 is considered to be of strategic importance as it connects Dublin with Cavan and the entire northwest, and carries significant volumes of commuter traffic. It also provides a significant link for all road users between Cavan Town and the various businesses and industries along this section of the N3.

Context of the Scheme

The existing N3 Dublin Road Roundabout junction experiences significant peak-time traffic congestion issues, which can also lead to potential safety issues due to driver frustration and dangerous manoeuvres.

Furthermore, the Vulnerable Road User (VRU) facilities through and around the junction are sub-standard and, sporadic again leading to safety concerns. Similarly, the existing vulnerable road user facilities along the N3 and R212 are sub-standard and potentially unsafe for all road users.

Cavan County Council invites residents of the local area, members of the public and all interested parties to participate in a public consultation on the Options Selection, Study Area and Constraints for the N3 Dublin Road Roundabout Scheme and the N3 Cavan Crystal to Kilmore Roundabout Safety Scheme.

  • The Scheme Information and Options Drawings are available to view at the links below.
  • A copy of the scheme information will also be on display in the window of the Johnston Library in Cavan Town for the duration of this Public Consultation period.
  • Due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, it is not possible to arrange a formal event in the local area at this time. Instead the above Cavan County Council project webpage contains all the information that would normally be displayed at such an event. 

Scheme information and Options Drawings

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