Estate Management/Enhancement

What is Estate Management? 

Estate management is ensuring that the residents of Council estates, young and old, can live their lives free from interference or nuisance, and in an attractive physical and social environment. To achieve this objective, the Council will work together with tenants to ensure that dwellings and the landscape are well presented and kept in good condition.

It also means that tenants must be responsible neighbours and respect the peace and quiet of others.

Pre Tenancy Courses

The first step in this process of communication is the involvement of tenants in a pre-tenancy training course. This course provides tenants with relevant information on Council and other services in the area. To this end, each new tenant is provided with a copy of the Tenant Handbook. 

Good Estate Management

The Council has a particular interest in promoting good estate management practices and community empowerment. It attempts to do this by encouraging the development of Residents Groups to manage their own estates. In addition, guidance can be given to the creation of Associations in new estates.

Estate Grant and Awards Scheme 

Residents Groups of Council Estates are able to apply for grants under the Council's Estate Grant and Awards Scheme. 

The purpose of the scheme is to recognise and support outstanding efforts made by groups or individuals dedicated to improving the appearance or amenity value of public areas.

For further information contact the Housing Section by phone on 049 4378300 or email

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