Metered Water Charges

The current rates for metered water charges are as follows:

Standing Charges

  • Meter size less than 25mm: €110
  • Meter size between 25mm and 75mm: €170
  • Meter Size over 75mm: €260

Volumetric Charge

  • Water Supply: €1.10 per m³
  • Wastewater Services: €1.41 per m³

Domestic Allowance

  • 120 m³ per annum

Interest Charges

An interest rate not exceeding 2% per month above the European Central Bank’s marginal lending facility on all accounts that remain outstanding after the due date specified.


For non compliance with Water Bye Laws 2007 - a fine not exceeding €5,000.00 and/or €1000 per day and/or disconnection.

Disconnection Charges

  • Closing stop valve: €55
  • Removing Connection: €880

Reconnection Charges

  • Opening Stop Valve: €55
  • Renew connection less than 25mm: €840
  • Renew connection 25mm. to 75mm: €880
  • Renew Connection greater than 75mm: €1100

Special Read Charges

  • €55/read

If you require further information about the metered water charges that apply in County Cavan, please get in touch using the following details:

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