Anti-racism and anti-sectarianism

In September 2010, Cavan County Council launched the first ‘Integration Framework’ for County Cavan. The document is a combined good relations, networking, anti-sectarianism and anti-racism strategy.

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One of the key influences on County Cavan has been its location in the border area, a region that has been deeply affected by the history of conflict in Northern Ireland. This Integration Framework is a plan to promote the integration of minority communities in the county, particularly those who have been marginalised as a result of the conflict.

The Framework was developed by the County Cavan Peace III Partnership - a sub-committee of Cavan County Development Board - and other organisations working together. It presents a vision of Cavan as a county that is socially inclusive of all members of the county in celebrating diversity and promoting good relations.

The document has four strands, which are:

  • Strand 1: Diversity in service provision
  • Strand 2: Promote recognition and awareness of diversity
  • Strand 3: Support full participation in wider societal activities
  • Strand 4: Actions to support the framework implementation

The Framework was developed through extensive consultations with a variety of people and organisations, including victims of the conflict, former members of the security services, minority faith and minority ethnic communities and other target groups of the Peace III Programme.

Leadership and Diversity Training

In 2010 the Social Inclusion Unit delivered 10 one-day training courses called ‘Leadership and Diversity’. This course was designed to give people skills to show leadership in tackling racism and sectarianism at local level. The courses were open to staff working in the public, community and voluntary sectors in County Cavan and to local residents. Over 60 people attended this training over the year.

The main elements of the course were:

  • What diversity means: challenges and benefits
  • Exploration of personal attitudes, values, beliefs and prejudices and their origin
  • Develop understanding of the historical and contemporary context of racism and sectarianism
  • Reflection on the role of leadership in challenging times
  • Develop ways of translating new knowledge into practice in terms of leadership.
  • Develop understanding of the minority / majority power dynamics

The course was funded by Cavan’s Peace III Programme. Training was delivered by Dara Training and Consultants.

Diversity Toolkit “Equally Different”

Following on from the Leadership & Diversity Training the Diversity Toolkit, ‘Equally Different’ was developed by the Social Inclusion Unit in 2011 through an Inter-Agency Working Group. The purpose of the toolkit is to help people explore issues around diversity, racism and sectarianism and provide people with the tools to tackle and address them. It was designed to be used by participants of the Leadership and Diversity Training Course but can also be used by community groups, service provider organisations, representative groups or anyone who has an interest in exploring issues around racism and sectarianism within the County.

Project supported by the European Union’s PEACE III Programme managed for the Special EU Programmes Body by the County Cavan PEACE III Peace and Reconciliation Partnership

Project supported by the European Union’s PEACE III Programme managed for the Special EU Programmes Body by the County Cavan PEACE III Peace and Reconciliation Partnership.

Work on Traveller Equality

Work on Traveller Equality Issues The Social Inclusion Unit has worked to promote Traveller equality through developing links with Traveller groups.

This work has included:

  • consulting Travellers on strategy development
  • organising training for staff in Traveller issues
  • jointly hosting events to raise awareness and increase understanding
  • co-ordinating a study trip for staff to Traveller centres