Apply for Planning Permission

You may need to apply for planning permission from Cavan County Council before you start any development work in the county. This includes:

  • Constructing a new building or other structure, e.g. house, factory, monument, playground, etc.
  • Changing an existing building or property, e.g. an extension, adding a new floor, etc.
  • Changing the way in which a property is used, e.g. to change a house into a workshop.

Types of Planning Permission

There are four main types of planning permission:

  • Outline Permission: Where a person wants to initially find out if permission will be granted for a particular development, but is not in a position to submit the exact plans then outline permission is most suitable. The grant of Outline Permission states that the Planning Authority is in agreement in principle to the proposed development, subject to the submission of an application for "Permission following grant of outline permission"(Permission Consequent).
  • Permission following grant of Outline Permission (Permission Consequent): This type of application follows the grant of an Outline Permission and must be submitted within 3 years of the grant of outline permission. It provides for the submission of detailed plans and drawings of the proposed development.
  • Permission: When applying for “full” planning permission the applicant must submit detailed plans and particulars of the proposed development.
  • Retention Permission: This type of planning application is submitted where the applicant has already carried out a development without having grant of planning permission and wishes to retain it.

If you have any questions about planning permission, please contact us using the details below.