Cavan Town Council accommodation

Tenant profile

This was a joint report produced by the Social Inclusion Unit, Cavan Town Council and Cavan RAPID in January 2009.

The principal aim of this report is to provide a profile of households accommodated by Cavan Town Council as of December 2008.

Accommodation criteria

The 464 households and 1,203 individuals accommodated by Cavan Town Council in 2008 were profiled according to the following criteria:

  • Type and number of dwelling
  • Age of Housing Stock
  • Number and location of vacant houses
  • Estate Profile
  • Length of tenancy
  • Age and gender profile of tenants & all occupants
  • Household size and composition
  • Proportion of Lone Parent Household – what estates they live within and
  • household structure
  • Sources and levels of primary income for households
  • Total weekly household income
  • Weekly rent paid per household

Since June 2014, Cavan County Council took over responsibility for Cavan Town Council housing stock. If you have any queries, please contact housing section