Cavan Traveller Interagency Group

Cavan Traveller Interagency Group (TIG) was established in November 2006 under the aegis of Cavan County Development Board. The group comprises public sector agencies, representatives of the Traveller community and other organisations.  

The role of the group is to provide an interagency response to social exclusion issues among the Traveller community. The group implements a Traveller Interagency Plan that aims to bring about enhanced equality and quality of life for the Traveller Community in Cavan.

The first strategy was adopted by Cavan County Development Board in 2007.  

Since May 2014, the TIG operates as a subgroup of the new Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) which replaces the County Development Board.


  1. To identify current services, address gaps or duplicated services and improve the co-ordination of services for Travellers.
  2. To ensure the TIG is informed by Travellers as key stakeholders and to consult with the Traveller community through engagement with Traveller representatives on the TIG.
  3. To ensure the strategy is aligned to other local and national policies such as the Traveller Accommodation Plan, Traveller Health Strategy, Traveller Education Strategy, Traveller Drugs and Alcohol Strategy.

Traveller Youth Needs Assessment 


Read the report from the Cavan Traveller Ethnicity Seminar, 31 October 2017: