Leaving or throwing litter in a public place or in any place that is visible from a public place is an offence under the Litter Pollution Act 1997 as amended.

Anyone identified as doing so will be issued with an on-the-spot litter fine of €150. If the fine is not paid within 21 days, Cavan County Council can take legal action through the District Court, where the maximum fine which can be imposed is €4,000 plus any expenses which are incurred by the Council.

On-the-spot fines will also be issued to anyone identified as having left items behind at any of Cavan County Council’s Recycling Bring Centres. When you have placed all your recyclable items into the correct receptacles, please take any boxes/bags used to bring items to the Bring Centre home with you. If the receptacles are full, all items, including boxes/bags used to bring the items to the Bring Centre must be taken home, or recycled at another Bring Centre. For details of all Recycling Bring Centres and Civic Amenity Centres, please download our Cavan County Council Bring Centre Booklet.

To combat the problem of littering and illegal dumping, Cavan County Council has installed CCTV at various Recycling Bring Centres throughout the County. This has proved to be very successful in identifying offenders and on-the-spot fines have been issued to those involved as well as successful prosecutions.

What happens if I receive an On-the-Spot Litter Fine?

If you have received a Litter Fine, you have 21 days from the date of the fine to pay. If no payment is received after 21 Days, our Law Agent may be instructed to commence court proceedings. You will receive a summons to attend court and will be advised to consult with a solicitor if a summons is received.

If payment is received within the 21 days, the file will be closed.


How can I pay my On-the-Spot Litter Fine?

The fine can be paid in the following ways:

  • Over the phone using a debit/credit card by calling our Customer Service Desk on 049 437 8300.
  • By calling into our Customer Service Desk, located on the Ground Floor of the Johnston Central Library, Farnham Street, Cavan
  • By Cheque or Postal Order made payable to Cavan County Council, which can be posted to above address. Please quote Litter Fine Number on the back of the Cheque or Postal Order and return address details for receipting purposes

On-the-Spot Litter Fines must be paid in full (€150). Please note that Phased Payments (instalments) are not accepted by Cavan County Council


Can I appeal my On-the-Spot Litter Fine?

If you feel that your fine was unfair or issued in error, you can lodge a written appeal. 

The Appeals Form can be forwarded by post to the Administrative Officer, Waste Management Section, Cavan County Council, Farnham Street, Cavan or by email to  Appeals should be lodged within 21 days from the date the fine was issued.


How do I make a report of Littering?

If you would like to make a report of litter in your area, you can contact the Waste Management Section in a confidential manner. When contacting us, please give as much details as possible in relation to the nature of the complaint i.e. illegal dumping, hoarding of waste, burning of waste, etc and exact location (please provide Eircode details if possible). You can contact the Waste Management Section using the following details: