Bring Bank Network Extended 

Cavan County Council recently extended its Recycling Bring Centre Network with the construction of a new Bring Centre at Mountnugent. The facility is located at the Mountnugent Community Centre and accepts plastic bottles, mixed glass bottles and jars, aluminium and tin cans and textiles.    

This project forms parts of Cavan County Council’s Litter Prevention and Control objective as set out in the Council’s Litter Management Plan 2021 – 2024 which was adopted by Cavan County Council in 2021. Over the lifespan of the plan, the Council will seek to upgrade its recycling bring centre network by upgrading informational signage, improving the quality of recycling receptacles, increasing the recycling capacity (where possible) across as many locations as possible, and improving the aesthetic appearance of each location. 

For more information on bring banks in County Cavan, see