Notice of Rates Having Been Made County Health District of Cavan

Notice is hereby given that the County Rate has been made on the property rateable thereto in the above-named County Health District of Cavan. 

The Annual Rate on Valuation for the ordinary expenditure of the Council for the Services of the financial year ending on the 31st December, 2023 is 0.2211. 

Annual Rate 

Annual Rate on Valuation 0.2211 

The Rate Books are deposited for the inspection of any ratepayers in the office of the Cavan County Council, Courthouse, Cavan and will be there open for such inspection between the hours of 10am and 4pm during the fourteen days next following the date hereof, exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.  The said rates will be payable from and after the publication of this notice. 

Under Section 7(1) of the Local Government (Financial Provisions) Act, 1978, any person who is aggrieved at the failure of a rating authority to make him an allowance under the Act or who believes that he is entitled to a different allowance to that made to him may, within 2 months of the date of the making of the rate, request the rating authority in writing to grant the appropriate allowance.  In case the request is not complied with within 28 days the person may, within 4 months of the date of the making of the rating, apply to the District Court to have the appropriate allowance made. 

The above rates were made on the 3rd February 2023.  Any request in respect of them under Section 7(1) of the Local Government (Financial Provisions) Act, 1978, must therefore be made to the Cavan County Council not later than 3rd April 2023.  Any application to the District Court under the same provision must be made not later than 3rd June 2023. 

Dated this 9th February 2023 

M. McNally

A/Head of Finance 

Cavan County Council