Online Survey to assess level of interest in Affordable Housing

Cavan County Council is actively considering the provision of affordable housing in the County over the coming years under the ‘Housing for All’ Plan. The process involves establishing the level of interest in the County from households to acquire affordable dwellings from the Council.

A survey of interest in affordable housing has been developed for the purpose of gathering the required information e.g. income levels, family size, housing type and location preferences. The information will be used to inform the Council on the level of demand, locations preferred, and the house prices that people might be able to afford. It will help the Council to formulate its plans for Affordable Housing Options.

Any affordable housing schemes progressed by the Council in the future will be advertised separately, and a formal application process will apply in accordance with the legislation in place at that time.

Complete the survey

The survey is now available at the link below and it will be open for six weeks initially, up to 12 May.

If you have any query, please contact