Emergency Road Closure - Water Lane Belturbet

Temporary Closing of Roads pursuant to Section 75 of Roads Act 1993 and Article 12 of Road Regulations 1994.

Water Lane Belturbet (L-5589-0) will be closed from its junction with Holborn Hill (R-197) to its junction with The Lawn (L-5590-0) and Willow Avenue (L-5612-0) from Monday, 26 February to Friday, 15 March 2024, from Monday to Friday, from 8am to 6pm each day,for the purposes of connecting services to a building under renovation.

Alternative Route:

  • Northbound: Westwards via R-197-0 (Main Street & Upper Bridge Street) to Junction R-197-0 / L-5590-0 (Junction Upper Bridge Street / The Lawn), then eastwards via L-5590-0 (The Lawn) to Junction L-5590-0 / L-5612-0 / L-5589-0 (Junction The Lawn / Willow Avenue / Water Lane). End of detour.
  • Southbound: Eastwards via L-5612-0 (Willow Avenue) & L-5611-0 (Barrack Lane) to Junction L-5611-0 / L-1501-0 (Junction Barrick Lane / Barrick Hill), then southwards via L-1501-0 (Barrick Hill) to Junction L-1501-0 / R-197-0 (Junction Barrack Hill / Holborn Street / Deanery Street), then westwards along R-197-0 (Holborn Hill) to Junction R-197-0 / L-5589-0 (Junction Holborn Hill / Main Street / Water Lane). End of detour.

Diversions will be signposted for the duration of the works.

Local traffic in the area will be accommodated as far as practicable.

All queries to be directed to Cavan-Belturbet Municipal District Office at 049 952 6121.

Paddy Connaughton,
Director of Services,
Cavan County Council,
7 February 2024