Noise Pollution

To view the County Cavan Noise Action Plan, see:


Under the law, Cavan County Council is able to deal with certain kinds of noise pollution which occur in County Cavan.

Cavan County Council investigates noise complaints in relation to both commercial and industrial activities. In most cases, Cavan County Council does not investigate noise complaints relating to domestic noise.

If you are experiencing domestic noise pollution, we would recommend that you approach the person who is causing the noise and try to agree on a solution.

If this fails, you can make a formal complaint to the district court by carrying out the following steps.

Step 1

Contact your local Gardaí and inform them of the noise pollution complaint that you would like to make.

Step 2

Contact your solicitor who will be able to make a formal application to Cavan District Court and then deal with your complaint from there.

How do I make an industrial or commercial noise pollution complaint?

If you wish to make a complaint about noise pollution which is coming from an industrial or commercial business, please send us your details by visiting the following page:

Where can I find information about noise pollution regulations?

To find out more information regarding the legislation surrounding noise pollution, please feel free to visit the websites:

If you would like to know more information regarding Cavan County Council and how we deal with noise pollution in County Cavan, please get in touch using the following details: