Publication charges

Charges for any documents not available on the website will reflect the cost incurred by Cavan County Council in the production, collection, reproduction and dissemination of the information.

Where charges are made in respect of search and retrieval and copying of documents the following charges will apply:

  • €20.95 per hour in respect of the time spent in producing, collecting and reproducing the information for re-use.
  • €0.04 per photocopy.
  • €10.16 for a CD-ROM.
  • The minimum charge for any one document whether issued in hard copy, electronic or other format will be €5.00.
  • Details of the charges or cost of documents will be given to the applicant before the information is released.
  • All charges must be paid in full before any documents or information will be released.

If you have any further questions or queries regarding publication charges, please get in touch using the following information.