Request for further Information

At decision stage the Planning Authority can request Further Information, which may also include a request for revised plans, from the applicant if it is unable to make a decision based on the information provided or if some aspect of the application is unclear.

If further information is requested the applicant must submit this further information within 6 months from the date of the request.

Significant Further Information

If the information is deemed significant by the planning authority, the applicant will then be asked to advertise the changes to the information through a newspaper advertisement and by erecting new site notice(s).

When an application is advertised at this stage the public are given two weeks from the date the public notices are received by the planning authority to submit any submissions or observations they may have. (€20 fee is required unless the third party already made a submission on the application)

A decision will be made 4 weeks after the date the further information is received. In the case of an application including an EIS, a decision will be made 8 weeks after the receipt date.

If you have any questions about request for further information, please contact us using the details below.