Bailieborough Town Centre First Plan

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Cavan County Council is seeking feedback in respect of the Draft Town Centre First Plan for Bailieborough.

Submissions are invited on or before 5pm on Monday, 28 August by emailing or can be made in writing to:

Caroline Brady,
Town Regeneration Officer,
Cavan County Council,                                                                                      
Farnham Centre,

Farnham Street,
H12 C9K1

What is Town Centre First?

In February 2022 Government launched the Town Centre First (TCF) policy which aims to create town centres that function as viable, vibrant, and attractive locations for people to live, work and visit, while also functioning as the service, social, cultural, and recreational hub for the local community.

The TCF Policy recognises that Irish Towns are facing significant challenges and opportunities, and that a ‘one size fits all’ approach will not work. This new Government policy commits to providing resources to address many of the challenges facing our towns so that they can serve the needs of the local community in a vibrant and sustainable way.

What has happened to date?

  • Each Local Authority was invited to nominate towns for consideration under phase one of the TCF initiative to develop a Town Centre First (TCF) plan. Bailieborough has been nominated in County Cavan.
  • Funding has been provided to prepare the TCF plan. The Town Regeneration Officer is currently working with a multidisciplinary consultancy team who will lead the development of the TCF plan. The TCF plan will be developed in partnership with the local community and businesses, collaborating as part of a Town Team. Cavan County Council will be responsible for the establishment of the Town Team.
  • The TCF plan must promote and progress the environmental, economic, social, and cultural life in the town, by addressing the opportunities and challenges which Bailieborough presents.
  • The TCF Plan will identify pipeline projects as well as providing a basis for the town to seek support from multiple funding streams (including Rural Regeneration Funding, RRDF and Town & Village Renewal Scheme).
  • Work has commenced on the preparation of the Town Centre First plan for Bailieborough, Cavan’s pilot town. Frank Cooney Architects have been appointed to work alongside Cavan County Council and the local community and business stakeholders to develop the new plan for Bailieborough. This will be done through a series of consultation sessions as detailed below.
  • It is anticipated that the plan will be completed in September 2023. Implementation of the actions in the plan with the support of the Local Authority and other relevant stakeholders will commence thereafter.

What do we want to achieve through the Town Centre First plans?

  • Make living in town centres more attractive
  • Combat out of town/ online shopping
  • Town regeneration - re-activate vacancy/ derelict property
  • Improve/ enhance accessibility throughout the town
  • Increase employment in town centres

The Town Team

A Town Team will be put in place to work alongside the Town Regeneration Officer to lead out on the development and implementation of the TCF plan.

The Town Team will be made up of local residents business people, community representatives and other local stakeholders. They will have in-depth local knowledge of the local community and they will work together as a group to develop plans, projects and initiatives that will make their town a better place to live work, visit and invest in.

Town Teams will also be supported to build their capacity and capability so they can work effectively to deliver positive outcomes for their town.

Town Regeneration Officer

Town Regeneration Officers have been appointed across Local Authorities to drive the implementation of the Town Centre First policy. They will support the establishment of the local ‘Town Team’ who will be responsible for developing and delivering a Town Centre First plan commencing with Bailieborough in County Cavan.

The Town Regeneration Officer will also act as a link between the Town Teams, the expertise within the Council and other organisations and facilitate the Town Team in accessing funding and delivering projects at local level.

Caroline Brady has been appointed Town Regeneration Officer with Cavan County Council.

Consultation process

Cavan County Council is now seeking your views, ideas, and feedback for the regeneration of Bailieborough through the development and implementation of the Town Centre First plan. We want to ensure that the plan meets the aspirations of the whole community, and we would like to engage with all stakeholders within the local community to hear their views on what should be included in the plan for the town.

Key Dates

1. The first Public Consultation was held in the Bailie Hotel, Main Street, Bailieborough, on Tuesday, 30 May from 7pm – 9pm

2. An Online Survey was available to complete until Monday, 12 June at 5pm

3. Submissions & Observations (written or by email) were welcomed from Tuesday, 30 May to Monday, 12 June

4. Submissions & Observations (written or by email) are welcome on the draft plan from Wednesday, 16 August to Monday, 28 August at 5pm. Submissions and observations can be made by emailing or in writing to:

Caroline Brady,
Town Regeneration Officer,
Cavan County Council,                                                                                      
Farnham Centre,

Farnham Street,
H12 C9K1

Town Centre First plan – Project Stages

Stage 1: Baseline (April – May 2023) - STAGE COMPLETE

The initial baseline stage involves site visits, initial stakeholder engagement, and desktop studies of the town to gain an understanding of the issues and opportunities associated with Bailieborough. This initial phase also includes a walkabout to assess how easy it is to move around the town and to flag opportunities for improvements to make the town more accessible and amenable for all.

Stage 2: Public Consultation and Engagement (May - June 2023) - STAGE COMPLETE

To help further inform the baseline stage and to ensure the Town Centre First plan for Bailieborough is as inclusive as possible, local stakeholder involvement is really important - we want to hear what local stakeholders think about their town, and what the plan should include. Local views will help shape the draft plan for Bailieborough and help to further develop the town as a great place to live, work and visit.

Feedback and input to the plan will be gathered through an ‘in person’ public consultation event, via an online survey and also by making submissions in writing to the Town Regeneration Officer.

We will at this stage look for expressions of interest from local stakeholders to become members of the Bailieborough Town Team

Stage 3: Plan Development (June – July 2023) - STAGE COMPLETE

On completion of the baseline data and first round of public consultations, we will develop a high level strategy which will include a range of themes, opportunities, emerging ideas, and proposals for inclusion in the plan for the town.

Stage 4: Public Consultation (July - August 2023)

Further public consultation will take place at this stage inviting feedback from the local community/stakeholders on the emerging ideas and proposals for inclusion in the final plan. We will review the feedback received and update the plan in response.

At this stage we will finalise our Town Team membership.

Stage 5: Plan Production and Display (August – September 2023)

In collaboration with the Town Team, the proposed plan for Bailieborough will be finalised. The plan will include a range of potential actions, initiatives, and projects to be implemented in the short, medium, and longer term.

Final Report & Public Display (September 2023)

It is envisaged that the final plan will be completed by September 2023 and a public display will be arranged to promote the final Town Centre First plan for Baileborough.


Caroline Brady
Town Regeneration Officer,
Community and Enterprise Department
Cavan County Council,
Farnham Centre,
Farnham Street
H12 C9K1