Dog Pound

Cavan Dog Pound

The Dog Pound is home to abandoned dogs 365 days a year.

At any one time up to 15 dogs can be waiting for someone to take them to a good home to live out the rest of their days and be cared for.

Dogs of all ages, including puppies are being collected daily around the county by the Council’s Dog Warden and placed in the pound.

Although some of the dogs that are collected by the Dog Warden are not in a condition to be re-housed, the vast majority of them could be, and Cavan dog pound is currently working to re-home that all dogs that can be re-homed to rescue centres throughout Ireland and the UK.

Dogs in the pound can be viewed on the Cavan Dog Pound Facebook page, which is updated weekly. If you are looking for a pet dog, contact the Dog Warden on 049 433 7545 or private message the Facebook page.

Prices for surrendering dogs are:

  • €20 Small dog e.g Jack Russell
  • €25 Medium sized dog e.g. Border Collie
  • €30 Large dog e.g. Labrador
  • €35 Very Large dog e.g. St. Bernard

Dogs adopted from Cavan Dog Pound are microchipped and vaccinated. We would also ask people to consider when adopting a dog if they have enough money to neuter, worm and de-flea their new pet if these procedures have not already been carried out by their previous owner.  

There will also be other costs associated with a new dog that we would urge people considering a dog to think seriously about such as food, a bed or kennel, blankets, toys, regular worming, flea treatments, grooming, securing a garden area, yearly booster vaccinations and if you can afford veterinary treatment in an emergency situation.  

If you cannot afford to do these things we would ask you not to adopt a dog as more and more of the dogs ending up in the pound are there because their owners say they can no longer afford them.

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