Water Framework Directive

Water Framework Directive

The EU Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) requires all Member States to protect and improve water quality in all waters so that we achieve good ecological status by 2015 or, at the latest, by 2027. It was given legal effect in Ireland by the European Communities (Water Policy) Regulations 2003 (S.I. No. 722 of 2003). It applies to rivers, lakes, groundwater, and transitional coastal waters.

Local Authority Waters Programme

The Local Authority Waters Programme (LAWPRO) is a national shared service working on behalf of all 31 local authorities in Ireland. The LAWPRO will promote public and stakeholder involvement in implementing measures at regional and local level. LAWPRO works to increase public engagement. They coordinate efforts to achieve good or high water quality in our rivers, lakes, transitional and coastal waters, and groundwater, as required by the European Union Water Framework Directive.


www.catchments.ie supports the ongoing work to protect and improve our natural water environment from a water quality perspective. It is a shared resource that has been developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the department and the Local Authority Waters Programme (LAWPRO). It allows for public access to information on rivers, lakes and coastal waters that has been gathered by the EPA and other bodies.

For more information on water quality download the latest EPA Water Quality Report 

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