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Regulations & Responsibilities

Waste Management (Packaging) Regulations

Information for businesses supplying or manufacturing packaging or packaged products.

Solvent Regulations

The latest solvent regulations and special requirements for dry cleaners.

Deco Paints (Vehicle Refinishers)

It is an offence to operate a vehicle refinishing for repair installation without a valid certificate of compliance.

Backyard Burning

Information on applying for a permit for controlled burning of certain agricultural waste

Battery Regulations

Retailers that sell industrial, automotive, or portable batteries MUST register with either ERP (European Recycling Platform) or the local authority.

Waste Tyres

The Waste Management (Tyres and Waste Tyres) Regulations 2017, as amended place obligations on persons who supply tyres to the Irish market, and on people who manage waste tyres

Petrol Vapour Emissions

If your company deals with liquid and gas fuels, such as petrol stations, then you will need to obtain a petroleum vapour emissions (PVE) certificate.