Waste Tyres

Waste Tyres

The Waste Management (Tyres and Waste Tyres) Regulations 2017, as amended (S.I 400 of 2017) place obligations on persons who supply tyres to the Irish market, whether as retailers, importers or manufacturers, and on people who manage waste tyres. Suppliers of tyres are required to register with an approval body, there is no longer a self-compliance option as there was in the 2007 regulations.

Repak ELT is currently the approved body tasked with operating a scheme for full compliance for tyres and waste tyres.

The new regulations for the tyre sector introduced a full compliance scheme operated by Repak ELT with a registration and reporting role for The Producer Register Limited (PRL). The scheme is based on the Producer Responsibility model that has worked successfully in this country for other waste streams, such as packaging, batteries and waste electrical, electronic goods (WEEE). 

The new arrangements are funded by a visible Environmental Management Cost (vEMC) of €2.80 per car tyre (+23% VAT) - Total €3.45 and €1.50 per motorcycle tyre (+23% VAT) - Total €1.85.

How it is to be displayed on documentation

  • The vEMC should be displayed as a separate line item on all invoices and customer sales receipts. 

Further vEMCs will be introduced in due course for truck, construction and agricultural tyres. For Further information on vEMCs, view the Repak ELT tyre category guidance document.


If you have any queries in relation to your obligations as a supplier, producer, waste collector, recovery operator or farmer, please contact Repak ELT at the following details:

Phone: 01 4618600

Email: info@repakelt.ie

Website: www.repakELT.ie

Alternatively, email waste@cavancoco.ie for further information.  

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