Smart Garage Guide

The Smart Garage Guide promotes good environmental practice in Garages and provides information on how to comply with legislation relating to garage and vehicle servicing operations.


Information on recycling and bring centres in County Cavan.

Food waste, Composting, Brown Bin

Information on food waste, composting and brown bins.

Civic Amenity Sites

Civic Amenity Sites throughout County Cavan.

Waste Facilities

Waste disposal information.

Hazardous Waste

Information on how to correctly dispose hazardous waste.

Waste Facility Permits

If you engage in certain waste disposal or recovery activities, it is a legal requirement that you have a waste licence or waste facility permit or certificate of registration.

Waste Collection Permits

The National Waste Collection Permit Office is operated on behalf of the local authority sector by Offaly County Council.

Waste Prevention

Waste prevention is based on either not creating waste in the first place or secondly, extending the life span of a product or material through reuse.

Abandoned Vehicles

Information on the dumping and proper disposal of Abandoned Vehicles and End of Life Vehicles.