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Many of the items used in the home or workplace can be recycled.  The benefits of recycling include a cleaner environment, the safe disposal of hazardous materials, greater awareness of excess packaging and a careful approach to the use and re-use of materials.

What goes in the Recycling bin/bag?

Do you know what goes in your household recycling bin?  Unsure what packaging can be recycled and what should go into the general waste bin?  Go to for full details.


Why does material have to be segregated correctly?

  • Material has to be handled or put through a sorting process before moving on for recycling. The processes used are specific to particular products and any material that is not meant to be in the recycling bin or service is considered as a contaminant and slows down the process.
  • Wet or dirty items will contaminate material they are in contact with and will not be recycled.
  • Don’t forget this material has to be handled at transfer stations by people, and a dirty nappy or food container on a recycling picking line is not very pleasant.
  • Items should be placed loosely in the container as they are easier to process.
  • Please visit:  or contact your contractor with any queries.

REMEMBER, when recycling, segregate carefully and properly.  Contamination means a loss of valuable resources.

Bring centres

Bring centres or recycling banks are located strategically across the county allowing you to dispose of the waste which you can recycle, at a time which suits you.  You can recycle plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars, aluminium and tin cans and textiles.

 For more information on our Bring Centre Network, please click the link below for our Recycling Facilities information booklet.

Bring Centre Network

View the map to see the Council's network of bring centres located throughout Cavan.

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