Waste Prevention

Waste Prevention

Waste Prevention

It is generally accepted that the excessive generation of waste is bad for the environment and therefore we should try to reduce as much waste arising as possible. This will limit excessive resource use and will assist in reducing on environmental damage.

What is Waste Prevention?

Waste prevention is the preferred waste management option. Waste prevention is based on either not creating waste in the first place or secondly, extending the life span of a product or material through reuse. Waste reduction and prevention is top of the waste management hierarchy and there are lots of ways we can reduce our waste and with simple changes we really can make a difference.

Tips for waste prevention
  • Preventing waste at source is the best option – be aware of what you create.
  • Reuse items before you throw it away?
  • Compost organic material and divert up to 33% of your waste
  • Avoid packaging where possible, for example bananas don't need a bag.
  • Buy in bulk where possible to further reduce packaging.
  • Replace plastic wrap such a cling film with a reusable container.
  • Use rechargeable batteries.
  • Plan meals and use a list when shopping.
  • Reuse leftover food.
  • Use reusable shopping bags
  • Use reusable bottles, flasks, cups and cutlery

Cavan County Council participate in waste prevention projects and are a member of the Local Authority Waste Prevention Network which is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency through the National Waste Prevention Programme.

Waste Prevention is to the forefront of all community based environmental initiatives supported by Cavan County Council. Sample initiatives include the Stop Food Waste Programme; Belturbet Zero Waste and Waste Prevention for Schools by helping reduce single use plastics by providing water refill stations and reusable plastic bottles. Below are some resources which provide information on how to prevent household waste.

For more information on how to prevent household and commercial waste, visit

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